How much will it cost to commission a portrait?

Obviously no two commissions are the same so please make contact to discuss your particular requirements. As a guide a pastel can start from £275 and and oil painting £750.

Do you work from photographs?

I work from my own photographs and this is an essential part of the artistic process so we will arrange for a photo session either with a visit to you or to the studio, where I will take numerous shots. I will need my own shots but on rare occasions (say for a surprise gift) I might work from a photo you already have. From the photographs taken we will jointly agree the pose/view you would like to choose.

All photos are only kept to achieve the final painting and for no other purposes. I would seek prior permission if there were any other reason to use a photo.

Do you charge extra for the photograph session?

I do not charge anything extra for the photo session as that is part of the commission and I will happily supply all the digital photo  files to the client on final payment.

How long will the portrait/painting take?

It is impossible to be specific as each project is individual but if it is for a special occasion I would allow 6 weeks  from appointing me, to delivery of the picture. This will obviously depend upon the complexity of the subject and my workload.  I am flexible and would seek to meet any deadline within reason and would often deliver inside that timescale. Please feel free to discuss requirements and try to allow plenty of time.

What if I'm not happy with the commission?

When you are viewing the finished painting for the first time, please bear in mind that it can be an unnerving experience to see someone or something that you probably know very closely and dearly, represented to you in an artistic way that is so different from a photograph. I do hope that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase and if there was anything about the painting you weren’t happy with I would endeavour to correct it for you at no extra cost but I would ask you to live with the painting for a couple of weeks and to ask friends and family for an unbiased opinion before you make a judgement.


Are all your images available for print?

Not all, please enquire. Standen prints are only available to purchase through the Standen National Trust shop.

What price are your prints?

This will depend upon the image and if it is a 'limited' or an 'unlimited' edition print. Not all images are supplied 'limited edition'and this is reflected in the Price Plan. To date only the ‘Sheffield Park‘ and ‘Stream’ pictures are sold as unlimited edition prints.

What type of print do you supply?

All prints supplied are archival Epson fine art giclée prints onto Hahnemühle paper.


How do I calculate the size of print?

Prints are supplied with a 20mm white border around the image for framing and the sizes stated include that border, therefore the actual image will be 40mm smaller than the paper dimensions.

How do I know which price bracket my required size fits into?

The print dimensions must fall entirely within the area of the paper for that price bracket to apply, e.g. the maximum size of a square print on A4 is 215mm x 215mm.