Each commission is unique so please feel relaxed about making contact to discuss your ideas….

How much will it cost to commission a portrait?

We will talk through your particular requirements regarding size and medium. As a guide, a pastel portrait can start from £295 and an oil painting £795.

Do you work from photographs?

I work from photographs and this is an essential part of the artistic process so we will arrange for a photo session or I can work from a photo you already have, provided it is a good enough quality and is copyright free. From a choice of photographs,  we will jointly agree the pose/view you would like to choose for me to work from.

Do you charge extra for the photograph session?

I do not charge anything extra for the photo session as that is part of the commission and I will supply all the digital photo files to the client on final payment.

How long will the portrait/painting take?

It is impossible to be specific as each project is individual but if it is for a special occasion I would allow 6 weeks from appointing me, to delivery of the picture. This will obviously depend upon the complexity of the subject and my workload. I am flexible and would seek to meet any deadline within reason and would often deliver inside that timescale.

Please feel free to discuss requirements and try to allow plenty of time.

What if I’m not happy with the commission?

When you are viewing the finished painting for the first time, please bear in mind that it can be an unnerving experience to see someone or something that you probably know very closely and dearly, represented to you in an artistic way.

I would not hand something over to you if I was not totally happy with the finished result or likeness. I do hope that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase but in the unlikely event that there was anything about the painting you weren’t happy with, I would endeavour to correct it for you and we would discuss what is involved and any possible additional charge.

Do you frame your artwork?

I can offer a framing service if that is required or you might choose a modern box canvas for a more contemporary look, which doesn’t necessarily require a frame.